Mid Developer(Prog Developer O/O II)

Johannesburg, Gauteng
Work Type: Full Time



Name        Supervisor 



Job Title    Mid Developer    Supervisor 

Job Title    Development Tech Lead

Business Unit    PropTech    Province    

Date    11 October 2021    Hours    08:00 – 17:00, 

Monday to Friday, 

Occasional overtime as required

No. of Subordinate(s)    -Nil-    Subordinates Job Title(s)    -Nil-


Relationships    BA’s, IT staff and project administrators.    External 

Relationships    -Nil-


Develop and maintain backend and frontend applications. Design, code, test and implement configuration changes to software applications to meet both functional and technical requirements. Initial focus on reporting services and systems.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

1. Develop backend and frontend applications:

    1.1 Maintain production and internal backend and frontend applications;

    1.2 Ensure .Net technologies are up to date;

2. Maintain backend and frontend applications:

    2.1 Generate updated documentation on existing systems;

    2.2 Apply change request on applications;

    2.3 Improve existing systems to adhere to best practice;

3. Liaise with Business Analysts in scoping and developing projects:

    3.1 Develop applications according to requirements from analysts;

    3.2 Design applications according to requirements;

    3.3 Generate functional and technical specifications for applications;

    3.4 Generate well defined architecture for systems in the design phase;

4. Lifecycle and procedure:

    4.1 Maintain and enforce development lifecycle;

5. Leadership

    5.1 Mentor level I developers in terms of technology, good practice and design.

    5.2 Apply PLOC principles when mentoring and coaching a team.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required

Communicate    Apply effective verbal, nonverbal and written communication methods to achieve desired results. 

Teamwork    Participate and facilitate team effectiveness; 

Take actions that demonstrate consideration for the feelings and needs of others; 

Know that a well-managed team can be more effective than higher-priced talents working independently; 

Act as a mentor.

Customer service    Make an effort to listen and understand both internal and external customers.

Technical Skills    Develop capacities used to design, set-up, operate and correct malfunctions involving application of technological systems.

Test    Conduct tests to determine whether equipment, software or procedures are operating as expected.

Computers and Electronics    Knowledge of computer hardware and software (applications and programming).

Interact with Computers    Use computers systems (hardware and software) to program, write software, set up functions, enter data, or process information.

Complex Problem Solve    Identify complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.

Managing the Job

Analysis    Secure relevant information and identify key issues and relationships from a base of information.

Plan and organise    Establish a course of action for self or others to accomplish a specific goal.

Problem solving    Identify, analyse, organise and solve problems in a timely and effective manner.

Organisational Citizenship    Discretionary behaviour that is not part of your job requirements;

Do more than their usual job duties; 

Provide performance that is beyond expectations;

Make constructive statements about your department and e4;

Help others on your team, volunteer for extra job activities, avoiding unnecessary conflicts, show care for e4;

Respect the spirit as well as the letter of rules and regulations and gracefully tolerate the occasional work-related impositions and nuisances.

Managing Self:

Organise     Prioritise projects of minimal to moderate complexity within given time frames for self and team.

Flexible    Adapt readily to changing situations.

Self-management    Resist immediate short-term rewards in order to attain greater rewards in the future. 

Minimum Requirements: 

Education/qualifications    Computer sciences related degree/diploma; 

Experience    4-6 years related experience

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