Theatre Trained Registered Nurse

Pretoria, Gauteng
Work Type: Full Time

Our Client a Private Hospital based in the Pretoria area is looking for a Trained Theatre Scrub Nurse who scrubs in all Disciplines

Applicants must have the following experience:

3 + years’ experience Scrubbing 

3 + years’ experience in Total Patient Care in Theatre

3 + years’ experience in Preparing Theatre before and after Surgery

3 + years’ experience in Administration

3 + years’ experience doing the Check list for Operating Procedures

3 + years’ experience Sterilizing all the Equipment

3 + years’ experience with assisting all Surgical procedures

3 + years’ experience with ensuring the Patients safety

3 + years’ experience with Stock Control

3 + years’ experience with Equipment Control

3 + years’ experience with Stock and Equipment Stock taking

Perform scrubbing duties in Theatre where demanding surgical procedures are done

Have a level of clinical competence


Ethical behaviour

Knowledge of Computers

You need to be a Registered/Professional Nurse, registered with the South African Nursing Council and have a Sanc Receipt with shows Theatre Qualification

You need 3 + years’ experience in the Theatre Department 


Sanc Receipt

Diploma in Nursing (General, Psychiatry, Community, Midwife/Accoucheur) or Bridging Diploma in General Nurse

Diploma in Medical and Surgical Nursing (Operating Theatre Techniques)

BCur in Operating Theatre Techniques

BCur in Education and Administration specializing in Operating Theatre Techniques

Talent Partner:
Kim Whittel
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