ERP 365 BC Developer (6 months renewable)

Johannesburg, Gauteng
Work Type: Contract

Role and Responsibilities

Software Developers at are responsible for delivery quality and effective programming to meet the requirements laid out for a solution. They are expected to assimilate culture and maintain reputation both externally at the client and internally amongst colleagues. All senior and specialist developers are required to manage a delivery team and communicate progress and issues to the Project Owner timeously.

Developers at are required to have all current Microsoft certifications that are relevant to their role and position.


NONE: Role has none of this descriptor

MIN: Role has a minimum amount of this descriptor, less than 50% of time

MOST: Role has a lot of this descriptor, more than 50% of time

Max: Role has all of this descriptor, 100% of time






Control: resources over which this role has decision rights





Accountability: measures used to evaluate this role’s performance





Influence: extent of the network pf people with whom this role must interact to do this job





Support: help this role can expect from people in other units





Responsibility: extent to which the role holder can see impact of own performance on outcomes of role





BC Developer: Junior

  • Prepare documentation and assist in document collation
  • Give input into documentation e.g. parts of solution, functional and technical specifications
  • Good Understanding of data types and relational databases
  • Data manipulation and assist consultants with data imports in required formats
  • Basic report writing and conceptualize data structure required for reports required output.
  • Assist in installing, configuring and deploying Dynamics 365 BC current version and at least 2 previous versions.
  • Assist in managing and maintaining internal development and testing environments.
  • Comply with all internal processes and procedures like accurate time capturing, active participation in stand-up meetings, project initiation meetings, on time delivery of tasks, and career enhancement and development
  • Shadowing deployment of solutions
  • User management and configuration
  • Communication – Clear communication to project manager, technical lead, client lead and manager.
  • Perform administrative maintenance tasks such like reviewing backups, job execution logs etc.
  • Respond as 1st line support for all support issues, within turnaround time specified in SLA
  • Certifications: MS competency exams (min. of 1) within the list of specified certifications for the practice


  • 2 years development experience or related technical software support

Soft Skills

  • Work well in teams and independently
  • Self-motivated and result driven

BC Developer: Intermediate (includes all Developer items above):

  • Data manipulation and transformation
  • Good understanding of application and database architecture
  • Configure all aspects of application installation, including SQL
  • Deploy and manage internal development and testing environments.
  • Deploy current versions and all versions still supported by Microsoft.
  • Experience in CAL and AL development
  • Follow development standards and best practices concerning all areas of development process
  • Commenting code, create technical documents and handover documents as required
  • Writing SSRS (*not mandatory, but beneficial) and RDLC reports
  • Troubleshooting and debugging code as required
  • Installing hot fixes and deploying cumulative updates and modifications as required
  • Familiar with upgrade processes and steps required upgrading between versions
  • Assist seniors with application architecture and solution design
  • Experience implementing Azure and hosted solutions
  • Familiar with Active Directory and basic Windows security architecture
  • Certifications: MS competency exams as required by Microsoft
  • SQL Server Database Administration Certification (*not mandatory, but beneficial)


  • 4 years ERP experience as a Business central/NAV Developer
  • 8+ complete project lifecycles
  • 4+ Upgrades
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, Teams, Visual Studio, SQL

Soft Skills

  • Work well in teams and independently 
  • Self-motivated and result driven
  • Problem solver
  • Soft skills – Client Interaction

BC Developer: Senior (includes all Developer items above):

  • Research and implementation of new technologies or existing technologies utilized by Customers
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Application and Database Architecture
  • Configure all aspects of application Installation, Including: AD, SQL, Dynamics NAV / 365 BC , IIS etc.
  • Ability to Deploy and Maintain current version and all Product versions still supported by Microsoft.
  • Proficient with CAL and AL Development
  • Follow and Continually Evolve Development Standards and best practices concerning all areas of the Development process
  • Proficient with Upgrade Process, the steps required and how best to Approach a given upgrade driven by the desired outcome and constraints
  • Application Architecture and Solution design, based on best practises
  • Evaluate Code for overall efficiency and performance considerations within a multi-user environment
  • Monitor and analyse system statistics to identify and resolve system problems
  • System administration experience with Microsoft Windows Server 2012+ and Microsoft SQL Server2012+
  • Proficiency in using SQL queries in analysing data issues
  • Strong Understanding of Modern Networking and Windows Security Architecture
  • Strong Understanding of Modern Virtualization Technologies
  • Experience with IIS Configuration and Deployment
  • Understand product add-ons to ensure best advice is given to customer while designing solution
  • Understand all aspects of chosen application, including limits of application, functional modules
  • Handholding for go-lives
  • Strong implementation methodology understanding
  • Certifications: MS Technical exams related to 356 BC as required by Microsoft.
  • SQL Server Database Administration Certification


  • 8 years ERP experience as a Business Central/NAV Developer
  • Successfully completed 12 project lifecycles
  • 8+ upgrades
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, Teams, Visual Studio, SQL

Soft Skills

  • Work well in teams and independently
  • Self-motivated and result driven
  • Soft skills – Client Interaction
  • Problem solver
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership

BC Developer: Specialist (includes all Developer items above):

  • Support the pre-sales process by providing solution overview and work breakdown structures where required.
  • Research and implementation of all related technologies used by the company in projects
  • Research and documentation of new technologies or later versions of existing technologies utilised
  • Architect and design solutions (physical and logical)
  • Deep knowledge of chosen applications technical capabilities, including surrounding technology and integration components
  • Business consulting with emphasis on solving of business challenges through use of the chosen application, or suitable alternatives
  • Strong implementation methodology understanding
  • Strong Understanding of hosted solutions and various hosting options
  • Strong Understanding of Modern Networking and Windows Security Architecture
  • Mentoring of junior staff and knowledge transfer on architecture
  • Technically leading the project team(s) to ensure quality delivery of solutions
  • Technical mentoring of the development team
  • Verification of technical delivery of your project teams (code reviews etc.)
  • Certifications: MS competency exams


  • 10+ years ERP experience as a Business Central/NAV developer.
  • Successfully completed 20+ project lifecycles
  • Successfully completed 16+ Upgrades
  • Managed a team of consultants
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Teams, MS project, Visual Studio, SQL, IIS

Soft Skills

  • Work well in teams and independently
  • Self-motivated and result driven
  • Problem solver
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership

Talent Partner:
Carole Craggs
Negotiable, depending on experience

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