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Conveyancing Secretary - Senior Bond Secretary

Johannesburg, Gauteng
Work Type: Full Time

Job Description:

The position is for a Senior Bond Secretary. The candidate must have at least 8 (eight) years’ experience as a bond secretary for all major Banks. The candidate must be able to handle approximately 80 bond files.

Scope of work position:

1. Secretarial Duties (Acknowledging instructions from the banks, contacting the bank’s clients, drafting bond documents using e4, setting up appointments, preparing for lodgment, providing the banks with progress reports on all matters, providing weekly

progress reports to clients, etc.)

2. Potential secretary must be able to navigate the following systems:

• E4

• Stordoc

• WebConvey 

3. They have an overnight courier system.

4. Will need do manage the file from beginning to end

5. Stable track record 

6. Professional, can be Client facing 

7. Working with high end Clients 


1. Minimum of 8 years of work experience as a bond secretary at a reputable medium to large firm

2. Experience as a transfer attorney will be advantageous

3. Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Afrikaans

4. Strong computer literacy and experience in Microsoft Office products

5. Willing to work in a Team but can function independently

Talent Partner:
Kim Whittel
R25,000.00 to R30,000.00 CTC

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